Clean oil and air for engine, cabin free of bad odours – here are the tasks that are successfully solved by Avantech filters. Thousands of car owners have already got a great experience with high quality, wide range and affordable prices of Avantech filters.

Avantech offers a wide line-up of filters for Japanese, Korean, European and American cars.


Range: more than 120 models

Application: Korean, Japanese and European vehicles

Avantech oil filters are designed to remove from motor oil impurities generated when engine  is on.

Avantech oil filters are produced by the factory supplying to world famous Japanese and European brands. Our oil filters are equipped with fiber-based filtrating materials by Finish Ahlstrom Corporation.

Here are the main doubtless  merits of Avantech oil filters:

  • Designed in full compliance with specifications of car makers. OEM level of filtration core leak-proofness, filtration efficiency rating and relief valve opening pressure.
  • Anti-Drainback valve holds the oil in the filter when engine is off protecting it from initial lack of oil
  • Freeze-resistant rubber gasket prevents oil leakage from engine block side
  • Filtration core is completely leak-proof that makes all the oil filtered and not by-passed
  • Extra-surface filtration core for efficient filtration and extended service intervals

Avantech Air filters

Range: more than 350 models

Application: Korean, Japanese, European and Russian vehicles

Air filter is designed to prevent dust and other containments from getting into the engine that could cause premature wear of mechanics inside.

Pleated filtration paper as a core of air filter construction collects dust particles not only at the top but also by the entire surface. When air filter gets clogged you can feel lower engine performance, more carbon deposit can be found on engine components, fuel consumption also increases. Moreover, your car affects the environment much more due to extra CO2 deposit.

  • Avantech air filters meet OEM quality standards
  • Fiber-based filtration materials by finish Ahlstrom
  • Fibers in Avantech air filter capture particles as small as 1 micron
  • Effective gaskets on the edges contacting with filter case


Fuel filter is an essential component for cleaning the fuel supplied to the engine via fuel lines. It is crucial to remove all the particles and water from the fuel.

Avantech offers fuel filters for gasoline and diesel engines.

  • Designed in full compliance with specifications of car makers.
  • Leak-proof case prevents fuel from spilling on engine parts
  • Quality controlled at all stages of manufacturing


Range: more than 200 models

Types available: normal and charcoal

Application: Korean, Japanese, European vehicles

Cabin ventilation system itself cannot make an incoming air free of dust, exhaust gases and other harmful substances that can be found in the atmosphere. Often they make a driver feel bad and cause diseases. There is the only solution for making the risks for human as low as possible — use of high quality cabin filters.

Avantech cabin filter cut the incoming harmful substances by 99%.  In recirculating mode cabin air gets clean in a few minutes.

All Avantech cabin filter are produced on modern equipment in South Korea and meet OEM quality standards. The factory uses high-grade filtration materials by finish Ahlstrom Corporation.

Following types of filters are available depending on user’s preference:

  • Normal cabin filters are efficient in removing asphalt and concrete dust from the air. Recommended for use in areas with low traffic, e.g. countryside
  • Charcoal cabin filters protect driver and passengers from pollen, bacteria, harmful gases, bad odours and dust. They are an ideal choice for those who drive a lot in big cities or industrial zones.

We recommend to replace cabin filter every 10 000 km of mil