Brake rotors and drums

Brake system is the most important instrument of active safety. Though disk type brake systems have become common recently, car makers still use drum brakes on rear axle. In drum type brake systems braking is performed by brake shoes pressed outwards against rotating drum. Avantech brake rotors and drums feature top characteristics and meet all OEM manufacturers’ requirements for brake system.

Hub of brake rotors and drums is painted with special paint resistant to high temperatures and corrosion.

Avantech Parts Group manufacturers brake rotors at the facilities of its partner in Taiwan. Long-term cooperation with Mitsubishi Motors proves quality level of Avantech partnering plant and enables it to be a genuine parts supplier for world leading car makers.

Range: more than 250 models

Application: Japanese, Korean, American and European cars.

Avantech brake rotors merits:

  • Avantech brake rotors and drums are manufactured with high carbon alloy. Same type of rotors is used by car racers in competitions.
  • STOP and GO technology makes bedding of brake pads faster. STOP and GO technology increases friction coefficient and provides fast bedding of new brake pads from the very first braking.
  • Optimal thermal conductivity brings higher deformation resistance and prevents brake rotor destruction when overheated. Rotor construction eliminates vibration and noise caused by braking.
  • READY to GO technology eliminates the need to wash protective oil out of the rotor before use
  • The whole mentioned makes driving much safer when having brake rotors replaced.