Lamp Warranty

Avantech Parts Group is pleased to present you a simplified warranty program that applies to all Avantech lamps. The warranty for this product is calculated from the date of purchase and is valid for 12 months.

The warranty covers only lamps that fail due to a manufacturing defect.

The warranty does not apply to lamps that fail due to:

Violations of installation instructions;
Violations of the operating rules.
Also, the warranty does not cover damage / melting of the headlight housing, its reflector, headlight glass, as well as the base and wiring in cases of improper selection of the lamp, in cases of using non-original parts of the headlight lighting system of the car and the use of xenon (gas discharge lamps and their batteries) on cars not intended for this (use of abnormal xenon).


During the warranty period, complaints are accepted by the store in which the car lamp or lamps were previously purchased. At the time of contact you must have a defective lamp and a cash register receipt or other document confirming the fact of the purchase of goods in a particular store. When contacting the store, a complaint is filled out with a description of the problem.

To consider a claim, the store must be handed over to:

Completed and signed claim;
A document confirming the fact of purchase;
Lamp or lamps.
Claim consideration is carried out within the time limits established by the legislation of the Russian Federation.