About us

Avantech Parts Group is a global supplier of automotive spare parts.

We supply our products to assembly lines of world leading car manufacturers, retail stores and service stations.

Focusing on the quality as a strategic choice, we at Avantech Parts Group use the most advanced technologies for manufacturing every product under Avantech brand which is trusted all around the world.

All Avantech products meet standards and strict requirements of Korean automotive industry and genuine parts manufacturers.

Unified management principles empower us in setting up industry standards in aftermarket business.

The key to our success is following various requirements of every regional market we operate on and paying much attention to specific nature of car population as well as user`s expectations.

Our responsibility is your confidence and assured safety wherever you use your car under any conditions. Quality Management System implemented at Avantech Parts Group enhances the durability and lifetime of Avantech parts compared to competitor`s products and provide the quality level close to genuine parts.

Thus you get better driving comfort and longer service intervals.