AVANTECH Parts Group is a global automotive parts supplier. Our products are delivered to assembly lines of world automobile manufacturers, retail and at service stations. For the production of absolutely every detail AVANTECH uses advanced technologies that provide a high level of quality and trust around the world.

Avantech Parts Group products meet the stringent standards of the original manufacturers and quality standards of the Korean automotive industry. Unified basic management principles allow us to set the tone in the spare parts market.

Our success is due to the fact that Avantech Parts Group offers optimal solutions for the most diverse market requirements, depending on the regions of car operation, the characteristics of the fleet, customer requests and expectations.

Our responsibility is the guaranteed safety of the vehicle in all conditions. The Avantech Parts Group quality control system increases the reliability and service life of AVANTECH spare parts compared to peers up to OEM level. This increases the service life of parts and service intervals of cars, increases driving comfort.