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Chassis parts. Recommendations for use.

The chassis of the car is one of the most important areas. This area is constantly under heavy load, even in those moments when the car is just standing. Due to this feature, as well as during regular operation on roads (whose quality is far from ideal), wear of the hodovka occurs quite quickly. Atypical vibrations, uncharacteristic sounds and tapping are sure signs of disturbance. And do not delay, waiting for more serious manifestations. At the first alarming symptoms, you should immediately go to the diagnosis, otherwise the repair will be much more complicated and more expensive.

Important: even in the absence of problems for the prevention, it is recommended to undergo regular inspections - each time when changing the oil in a passenger car and after 15,000 mileage in trucks. In any case, prevention is much cheaper and easier to implement than a full repair.

What includes repair
To understand that hodovka requires the participation of a master, it is possible by violation of its work and uncharacteristic noise during the ride. It should be understood that this site consists of many parts: suspensions (front and rear), beam beams, bearing frame, wheels. And if at least one of them fails, then this entails a violation in the operation of the entire system. Therefore, you can not ignore the alarm signals, be sure to contact the car service, where the chassis will provide detailed diagnostics and, if necessary, repair. This concept includes replacing worn or broken parts with new ones, adjusting kinetic components.

It is worthwhile to understand that breakdowns in each particular case may differ, therefore, it is difficult to predict which operations will be required at any moment. In general, hodovka repair can consist in the following procedures:

broaching suspension joints, camber and toe adjustment;
replacement of mechanisms and components: springs, bearings, tie rod ends, shock absorbers or silent blocks;
installation of new hubs, levers, stabilizers, support cups (involves cutting and the use of welding in case of serious breakdowns);
Check tires, tighten bolts.
In addition, often require the participation of a master universal joint cardan, mounting the motor. It should be understood that the sooner a problem is noticed, the less serious the consequences may be. And, conversely, when ignoring alarming symptoms, the problems are exacerbated, leading to breakdowns.

Interesting: hodovka repair involves one feature - the replacement of paired units is carried out simultaneously. This approach is also required in cases when one of them is still in working condition. Otherwise, with further loads, it will fail more quickly than a new one (which was replaced), since it will already have developed its operational resource.

The importance of the procedure
Given the fact that the hodovka is, in fact, one of the main parts of a car, it is worthwhile to understand that its breakdown is fraught with the failure of the entire vehicle. For this reason alone, it is worth monitoring the technical condition of the machine. At the slightest deviation from the norm, contact the service station. Interestingly, a regularity is usually observed: it is worth ignoring one symptom or a minor malfunction, as new problems and more serious breakdowns will follow. With careless operation and neglect, a set of troubles can happen, on the slang of the drivers this is called "hodovka showered."

The security aspect cannot be ignored. A good running gear is just the factor that determines the accuracy of a car’s response to control. This, in turn, is the key to the safety of the driver and passengers.

Important: to protect the car from serious damage - in the hands of the owner. Accurate driving, regular inspections and diagnostics when changing the oil, timely response to small deviations in the operation of the unit - all this will help to avoid serious breakdowns and emergency situations.