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Car lamps. Recommendations for use and common causes of failure.

As well as original lamps, all lighting products of well-known brands (including products of the AVANTECH brand) are produced on automatic assembly lines, using which the human factor is completely eliminated. Which means - the percentage of marriage tends to zero. But even with perfectly tuned equipment, anomalies in assembly are possible. In case of detection of a defective lamp - the entire batch is sent to the marriage, in which a damaged lamp was found. But - even such exceptional quality protection measures do not give a 100% guarantee that a defective lamp will not go on sale. Why? More on this below:

1) An important step in preparing the lamp for use is delivery. Since this is a very sensitive and fragile product, even slight shaking can damage the lamp. And under the conditions of overloading boxes “at speed”, the percentage of rejects at the time of delivery increases tenfold. And often it is impossible to see it when buying.

2) The next point is storage conditions. It is very important to observe the temperature balance, and to prevent moisture from entering the lamp. Otherwise, when you turn on the lamp instantly burns out.


Further reasons for the failure of the lamps are not related to production, but are directly caused by improper use:

3) IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED TO TOUCH THE GLASS BULB OF THE LAMP. Microparticles of perspiration remain on the glass and, when turned on, cause local overheating and, as a result, lamp failure.

FIRST RECOMMENDATION - when installing the lamp must be cleaned with a dry cloth or alcohol.

4) A special case of the previous paragraph is moisture ingress on an already installed lamp (for example, when a car headlight is leaking).

SECOND RECOMMENDATION - in case of regular failure of the same lamp, check the assembly (headlamp) for leaks after a short period after replacement.

5) Unstable on-board voltage can also cause lamp burnout. Voltage stability is provided by a car battery and a DC generator.

THIRD RECOMMENDATION - in the event of a regular failure of different lamps, it is necessary to check the voltage on board the car, and also make sure that the battery and generator are working stably.

6) It is important to observe the lamp power prescribed by the manufacturer when replacing. When installing a lamp that is more \ less powerful than stated by the manufacturer, failure will be caused by operating conditions that are beyond the design conditions (overheating, or an unintended lamp load)

7) As in many other product groups - beware of fakes! The more famous the brand, the more likely it is to purchase a fake for the original product.