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Operation of winter brushes AVANTECH

With the onset of winter, we often encounter issues with the operation of wiper blades. The AVANTECH product line includes AVANTECH SNOWGUARD winter wiper blades designed specifically for use in harsh Russian winters. Years of experience in the design and manufacture of wiper blades allows us to highlight the most important points in the operation of AVANTECH brushes in the winter.

Now we will analyze them in detail:

Do I need to take care of glass and brushes?
Of course you need! Do you take care of your shoes in winter? Wipe it from dirt, clean with cream and treat with water-repellent. Otherwise, the skin will dry out, crack, and the shoes will become unusable. All of the above happens with brushes without proper care.
And remember that any wiper blade is a consumable whose life in different regions can vary greatly. For maximum results, it is recommended to change the brushes once a year, that is, install new ones before each season.

Factors that affect the quality of the brushes:

The brushes have not been replaced for too long - they have a natural temporary wear;
Due to the lack of fluid in the washer reservoir, the brush worked on dry glass for a long time, which led to wear of the working edge of the gum;
While cleaning the windshield with a scraper, the protective cover of the brush was damaged. Liquid enters this hole, it freezes and eventually corrodes the internal mechanisms of the frame;
Wrong brush length;
The brush and the place of its attachment to the lever froze after washing the car or in the case of using low-quality non-freezing liquid;
The gum of the brush clogged with accumulated dirt;
On the windshield there is a very thin oily film (the glass glare in different colors of the rainbow), which prevents proper cleaning of the liquid;
On the windshield there is a crack and numerous chips;
On glasses with a large curvature, brushes can work less efficiently due to their design features. For such glasses, frameless brushes should be chosen;
Installed low-quality windshield, which has an uneven surface.
How to care for brushes after washing at low temperatures?

At the time of wiping the body, deflect the brushes from the glass so that all liquid from them is glass;
After washing the body, before leaving for frost, degrease the windshield from the outside. This is done with any glass cleaner;
Without leaving the cold, carefully wipe the rubber bands of the brushes with paper towels and only then lower them. Repeat this procedure, even if you brushed the brushes with compressed air;
At negative air temperature, five minutes after leaving the sink, get out of the car and move the brush levers several times. In this case, ice may begin to fall out of the junction. After that, stretch the elastic along the entire length to remove frozen water. Raise the lever itself several times to clear the ice spring that presses it against the glass;
Carefully, avoiding a sharp fall on the glass, set the lever to the working position.
What to do if during operation the winter brush has become inefficient to clean the windshield?

Deflect the brush from the windshield, with a damp cloth, carefully wipe the gum of the wiper blade from accumulated dirt;
 By translating your hand, check the connection of the brush with the lever for the presence of ice (the brush may freeze and not move on the glass);
If possible, treat the glass with a special cleaner, degreasing it;
Set the lever to the working position;
If the performed manipulations did not give the desired effect, it means that your brush has exhausted the resource and you need to replace it.
What additional factors can affect brush performance?

Reagents used to treat the road surface in winter adversely affect the performance of rubber seals. When chemicals get on the gum, it very quickly becomes unusable and becomes loose.
To avoid this, it is recommended to wash the car more often.
Non-freezing fluid can also adversely affect the operation of the wiper blades. The composition of this liquid may include both permitted chemicals and prohibited ones, which are used to reduce the cost of the product. These chemicals violate the structure of the gum brush, reducing its service life.
When purchasing non-freezing fluid, remember how important it is to use quality products with a temperature range sufficient for your region.