Rubber and bushing parts

Rubber and bushing parts bearing most of the knocks from riding a rough road are the most loaded components of suspension. This category includes arm bushes, stabilizer bushes, strut mounts and other rubber-metal parts responsible for correct work of engine and transmission, e,g. engine and transmission mounts.

Range: more than 1000 models

Application: Japanese, Korean vehicles

Avantech rubber and bushing parts have shown themself to good advantage when used in severe cold Russian climate. Avantech products have successfully passed all the tests: tear resistance, torsional testing, shear resistance that consequently proves conformity to international quality standards.

Avantech parts group produces rubber and bushing parts at factories located in Taiwan and Malaysia. The factories manufacture genuine parts as well as aftermarket parts for world famous brands.


Designed to insulate shocks rubber-metal bush is a rigid joint made of metal outer casing and inner sleeve with rubber lining between them. Bush condition affects tire wear speed, braking efficiency and handling. Worn out bushing parts significantly cut the lifetime of all suspension parts that means expensive repair works in future.

Avantech bushes are made of high-grade extra durable rubber compound providing thousands miles of excellent handling in the most extreme driving conditions.

Rubber compound used in Avantech bushes stay elastic and durable at temperatures as low as -40 ⁰С. Meet OEM quality standards.


Stabilizer is designed for reducing the body lean of a vehicle during cornering. The idea of stabilizer bases on distributing the load between opposite wheels. Stabilizer gets especially essential when driving at higher speed. Stabilizer helps the vehicle to corner faster without lowering speed and prevents rollover.

Stabilizer works effective due to flexible components one of which is stabilizer bush. All stabilizer parts together make cornering comfortable and safe.

Avantech stabilizer bushes are made of high-grade and especially durable rubber compound.

Developed for use on harsh Russian roads. Especially durable and resistant to mechanical exposure. Effective at dampening unwanted vibrations.

Meet OEM quality standards.


Engine and transmission mounts (insulators) are automotive parts mounting engine and transmission to the frame, crossmember or body. Vibration transmitted through the body to cabin makes driving uncomfortable. Engine mounts are designed to fight against such a discomfort by dampening vibrations. Besides the above mentioned, they protect engine and transmission against sudden shocks and bumps.

Avantech engine and transmission mounts are made of high-grade extra durable rubber compound and show excellent resistance to harsh use at low temperatures down to -40⁰С.

Key merits of Avantech rubber mounts lie in efficient insulation of shocks and vibrations that brings comfort to your driving under any possible road conditions.

Meet OEM quality standards.


Strut mount also called strut insulator securely attaches suspension strut to the body of a vehicle. Rubber damper is the key element in strut mount construction. It helps the strut absorb shocks transmitted from other suspension components. Strut mounts can be equipped with bearings that make it possible to turn front struts mounted on the vehicle.

Strut mounts directly affect suspension strut performance and driving comfort.

As a strong point, Avantech strut mounts carry stress-resistant bearings by famous Japanese and European manufacturers.

Avantech strut mounts have proven to be the right choice for use under any road conditions and severe cold Russian climate at temperatures as low as -40⁰С.

Meet OEM quality standards of car makers.