Shock absorbers

Shock absorber is one of the most important components of suspension. If there were not a shock absorber installed, driving a car would be a very uncomfortable and unsafe adventure  due to excessive suspension movement.

Automotive shock absorber acts as a damper reducing the oscillation of coil springs, leaf springs or torsions. Weight of a car affects coil springs so that they are always compressed in some rate depending on a weight of a car and  spring rate of coil springs.

Thus, each wheel can move up and down relative to car body. It provides a constant contact of each wheel with road surface irrelative to whether it hits a road hole or a wave. Hence, safe driving guaranteed.

Worn out shock absorber makes your car unstable due to coil spring oscillation. Many drivers face with the effect when wheels of a car start bouncing after hitting even the smallest hole or a rough wave on a road — a car becomes less controlled even at a speed of 30 km/h.

Avantech shock absorbers cover 80% of popular Japanese and Korean vehicles.

Type: mono-tube and twin-tube gas-filled shock absorbers

Application: Japanese and Korean vehicles

Manufacturing processes of Avantech shock absorbers fully conform to international quality control requirements described in ISO/TS 16949 standard.

Two stage testing procedure is applied to each shock absorber produced.

First stage is adjusting damping characteristics.

Second stage is durability test when special equipment simulates driving on a rough road. As a rule, during the test shock absorber makes from 1 to 2 million of damping cycles (1 million of damping cycle is equivalent to 150 000 km of a real mileage).

During the test a piston rod moves at a speed of 0,4 to 6 m/s that simulates driving on good and rough road.

To estimate the performance of Avantech shock absorbers in a wide range of temperatures the tests are performed after freezing shock absorbers to -40⁰С and heating them to +45⁰С with hot air blow. The factory also performs express-test of all the items for conforming to reference requirements and only items which have passed the tests are shipped out.

Avantech shock absorbers are equipped with piston rod made of S45C steel featuring a hardness of 800HV. Seals of original design guarantee leak-proof operation for 2 mln. of damping cycles and more. High quality oil, nitrogen gas and classic construction of valves provide fail-safe operation when driving under any road conditions.

The rod is fixed with plastic strap and cap on the edge making a transportation and storage of Avantech shock absorbers convenient and safe.

Avantech shock absorbers strong points:

  • Minimal sideway oscillation at a high speed: your car keeps the route better
  • Stable performance in any climate that is especially important for use in Russia
  • Adjusted according to civil road safe use requirements. Provide comfortable driving on any road types.


Avantech shock absorbers can be used in cold regions but outside temperature of -40°С or colder requires driving first 500-800 meters of a trip at a slow speed (20-30 km/h) to make fluid warm up enough.