Ignition coils

Range: more than 130 models

Application: Japanese, Korean, European cars from made since 1990

Ignition coil is the most important component of contemporary engines that feeds ignition system with high tension voltage up to 45 000V. Well operating ignition system is a key to high performance of an engine.

Avantech ignition coils are made in full compliance with car makers’ requirements that guarantees easy installation and great performance under any conditions.

Avantech ignition coils main advantages:

  • High quality materials and the most advanced technologies are used for manufacturing
  • Secure sure engine start and stable run in a wide range of temperatures and climate
  • Enable your engine to show maximum performance and fast acceleration
  • Effective for better fuel combustion that helps to save fuel
  • Equipped with high quality seals for guaranteed insulation
  • Meet ISO 3808/6856 standard