Ignition leads

The main principle of automotive engine is ignition and combustion of fuel. The process becomes most efficient when uninterrupted transmission of electronic impulses is provided between ignition coil and spark plug. Avantech ignition leads are an ideal choice for the challenge.

Range: more than 70 models

Application: Japanese, Korean, European cars.

Avantech products have got positive feedback from the market of automotive ignition leads.

  • Designed and assembled in full compliance with car makers’ reference design description
  • Manufacturing facilities located in Malaysia are certified to comply with ISO 3808/6856 standard.
  • USA-made high quality cables by leading cable-maker — General Cable — are used for manufacturing Avantech ignition leads
  • Two layers of silicon insulation — never met in low-cost analogs
  • Core conductor made of copper or glass fiber and covered with nylon tape (the choice of material for a core conductor depends on a material used in a genuine part)
  • Several stages of testing during manufacturing process. Special focus on terminal retention force check.
  • As a result,  Avantech ignition leads secure stable engine run at extremely low and high temperatures as well as in a humid environment. Prevent excessive deposit on spark plugs.