Driving belts

Driving belts are used for transmitting torque from crankshaft to water pump and auxiliary equipment mounted on an engine.

Number of driving belts depends on a construction of an engine.

Avantech Parts Group manufacturers Avantech driving belts on the facilities of its partner in Korea.

Avantech offers following types of belts:

  • Multi-groove belts
  • Raw edge belts
  • Timing belts

Range: more than 500 models

Application: Japanese, Korean, European vehicles


Raw edge belts usually link three main pulleys located in corners of a «triangle» - crankshaft pulley, alternator pulley and water pump pulley.

  • Upper layer of a belt makes it strong, flexible and resistant to oil, gasoline and other chemicals
  • Inner cord made of stretch resistant aramid fiber
  • Layer of pressed rubber enhances strength
  • Lower layer of a raw edge belt absorbs shocks and prevents cracking


Named so because of several lengthwise grooves that can be found in this type of belts, they usually have lower profile compared to raw edge belts that makes it possible to use ribbed belt in engines with high revolution rate. Bending angle is not a restriction that allows to use pulleys of small diameter. Avantech multi-groove belts have become popular among car owners.

  • Upper layer of a belt makes it durable, flexible and resistant to oil, gasoline and other chemicals. Special coating makes a belt resistant to high temperatures emerging from friction.
  • Pressed chloroprene rubber and ethylene propylene rubber guarantee long lifetime, stability of shape and maximal pressure on the ribs.
  • Inner cord of nylon makes the transmission of torque ultimately effective


In an automotive engine crankshaft and camshaft rotation is often synchronized via timing belt. Worn or low quality belt may cause a serious damage to an engine that can even require engine replacement. Timing belt rip is usually followed by expensive repair that is why it is important to replace timing belt in time according to service recommendations of car makers.

  • Designed and manufactured according to the strictest OEM quality requirements for Korean vehicles
  • Make engine run stable under any conditions
  • Durable rubber compound provides high temperature and oil resistance as well as long wear resistance
  • Cord made of fiberglass makes a belt flexible, stretch and rip resistant