Wiper blades

We often face with unpredictable road situation. Sometimes it takes only a few minutes for a sunny weather to shift to a rain shower and for romantic snowflakes to shift to snow mess covering a windshield glass. In situations like those it is crucial for a driver to have reliable wiper blades.

Once you have noted worse vision, especially when it is raining or mist outside or your wiper blades leaving some traces or swearing in a glass — it is time to replace your wiper blades. But what is the right choice? Avantech will help you to make it.

Avantech offers a wide range of all types of wiper blades designed for use in summer or winter season as well as all-year-round use.

Everyone can choose proper wiper blade for one's car.


Avantech Hybrid Plus series is available in two versions: for left and right hand drive vehicles. It is typical for hybrid wiper blade to have asymmetrical design, so it is necessary to use a proper type of hybrid wiper blade for left- or right-handed vehicles.

  • Avantech Hybrid Plus wiper blades for right hand drive vehicles carry item numbers starting with HR-**, for example HR-16, HR-18, etc. Ranged in 13 sizes (from 300 mm to 700 mm length)
  • Avantech Hybrid Plus wiper blades for left hand drive vehicles carry item numbers starting with HL-**, for example HL-16, HL-18, etc. Ranged in 13 sizes (from 300 mm to 700 mm length)


  • Stylish design of wiper blade makes a technological exterior of modern cars well-elaborated.
  • Design and manufacturing based on OEM standards.
  • Rubber insert of superior quality securely fixed in the frame
  • Frame containing 45% of glass fiber brings long-life, even pressure across the windshield and makes the whole construction durable
  • Special rubber compound provides better performance in a wide range of temperatures
  • Two types of connectors available: standard U-hook 9x3 wide U-hook 9x4


Conventional (universal) wiper blades feature the world experience in manufacturing and designing of wiper blades of last decades. Mix of the most advanced materials and conventional construction makes windshield glasses clean and secure 2 or 3 season of great performance.


  • AVANTECH AERODYNAMIC — market leader offering functionality, long-life use and value.
  • Wide range of sizes (300-700 mm) makes it easy to choose a proper wiper blade for any car.
  • Safe contact with windshield glass prevents streaks and smearing at any driving speed.
  • Durable metal frame coated with rust-resistant paint.
  • Graphite coated rubber insert made of high grade natural rubber
  • AVANTECH AERODYNAMIC wiper blades feature a flexible metal frame and screw type joints instead of commonly used and cheap rivets. Wiper blades with rivet type joints used in frame tend to be not enough flexible and stiff.


In stock most cars are factory equipped with conventional wiper blades designed for use in summer season. In winter time a frame of conventional type wiper blade gets clogged with snow, rubber blade becomes inelastic and overall performance of a wiper blade gets poor.

We recommend to use AVANTECH SNOWGUARD winter type wiper blades for safe driving in winter season. Wide range of sizes available — from 280 mm to 700 mm

AVANTECH SNOWGUARD — uncompetitive choice for extreme winter use. Like no conventional wiper blade AVANTECH SNOWGUARD  provide great wiping performance in low outside temperatures.

  • Advanced rubber treatment technology makes the contact with windshield glass safe even when it is -40˚C. Rubber insert doesn’t freeze up and stays elastic.
  • Special boot protects a frame from snow, ice and water — as a result all the elements of construction stay flexible
  • Metal frame galvanically coated with rust resistant material and painted for extra durability and long-life


Plastic rear wiper blade is a result of conventional wiper blade evolution but its sizes and modifications may differ depending on car model.

Very often when adequate replacement is unavailable car owner has to order genuine wiper blade from a car dealer or he has to wander about searching for appropriate wiper blade by comparing available items in stores with dismantled rear wiper blade.

Now it is much easier to choose a proper rear wiper blade. The only thing one should do is to use Avantech wiper blade catalog available at retail shops or at Avantech web site.

AVANTECH Rear wiper blades are equipped with two types of connectors that makes a chance to replace your old rear wiper with Avantech rear wiper as high as 100%


Replacing wiper blades is an essential stage in preparing a car for winter use. As a standard most cars are factory equipped with plastic rear wiper blades designed for a use in summer. We recommend to use AVANTECH SNOWGUARD REAR wiper blades for optimal performance in winter time.

  • Rubber blade made of specially formulated soft compound, freeze-proof and providing excellent wiping.
  • All moving parts of a wiper blade are protected against snow, ice and water with boot made of strong and elastic rubber


  • OEM-style design
  • Graphite coating for longer silent wiping
  • Strong plastic frame for safe and even pressure that brings ideal wiping